A complete submission to the Orbital Alchemy Challenge consists of the following:

  1. Completed response form below.
  2. Completed participation agreement, included in the response form below for adults aged 18 years and older.
  3. A brief (8 page limit, not including contact information) technical paper describing the design and operation of your proposed approach. If you wish, you can use this template, but it is not required. The page limit includes all text, images, charts, etc. but excludes information regarding the submitter or team members. Upload your technical paper in the response form when prompted.
  4. An optional video upload further explaining your entry.

Response Form

All submissions for the Orbital Alchemy Challenge must be completed prior to May 27, 2022 by 8 pm Eastern Time. No late submissions will be accepted. 

Directions: Please  provide non-confidential, non-proprietary responses to the following questions.

Inclusion of confidential or proprietary information is grounds for disqualification from the Orbital Alchemy Challenge.

This form is currently closed for submissions. Thank you to everyone who applied!