Response Paper Template

We recommend that your response paper address the following elements.

Technical merit. Describe your technology. Types of information could include:

  • System design
  • Material(s) recycled
  • Physical dimensions
  • Power requirements
  • Unique features

Describe the operation of your technology. Imagine your recycler is processing a spacecraft. Describe the process.

Cost effectiveness. Describe the cost-effectiveness of your technology: its ability to recycle as much material as possible over long periods of time and process multiple spacecraft with minimal support from Earth.

Safety. How does your technology ensure that recycling does not create substantial risk to astronauts and space assets, or generate new space debris?

Technical Maturity. Using NASA’s TRL scale, please describe the maturity of your technology. 

Would your technology be ready for usage in 2030? What steps remain before deployment?

Innovation. Describe how your solution is innovative, unique, or advantageous compared to alternatives.